Trackbacks Disabled Re-Enabled

Apparently there’s a security hole in Movable Type that I’m not aware of, because trackback spam has been appearing in some of our entries while remaining invisible in the admin view. I’ve turned trackbacks off for new entries and am trying to figure out how to clear the crap from existing entries. If there are any MT gurus in the audience with suggestions for fixing this problem, I’d love to hear them.

Update (3:46PM): Turns out it wasn’t a security hole, but a combination of an ID10T error on my part and a plugin that doesn’t quite work right with Junk spam. Issue has been corrected and Trackbacks turned back on.

One thought on “Trackbacks Disabled Re-Enabled”

  1. Yay, glad to hear it’s fixed! Comment/trackback spam sucks 🙁

    The site’s looking great, lots of nice touches. I’m subscribed to the feed but it’s nice to look in occasionally to see tidbits in the sidebars and such.



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