One thought on “Red Rain In India Could Be Extraterrestrial?”

  1. A rather more plausible explanation than alien spores is that the red raindust was fallout from incomplete incineration of chemical waste at the Eloor industrial zone.

    This fits with the pattern of prevailing winds. An aerosol of partly burnt pesticide waste around which microparticles of fly-ash or clay coalesced as the plume cooled would have a similar elemental composition to that reported. And the presumed ‘reproduction’ is a simple process of replication that occurs with organics in the prescence of clay (see, e.g., the work of Jack Szostak and colleagues at Harvard).

    What is truly surprising about the red rain is that a simple explanation such as this should have been almost entirely overlooked. No one seems to have noticed that chemical analysis, e.g. GC-MS, to determine what compounds are in the particles, was not been performed. It should have been one of the first tests to be done. Other than mention that the particles settle fairly quickly in water, there doesn’t even seem to have been a measurement or estimate of the relative density of the particles.

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