Download Any Video (Almost)

KeepVid is pretty much a middle finger in the air to all those media dinosaurs who thought streaming was the way to maintain control over their video properties. Basic concept: give KeepVid a URL to a video and it’ll give you a download button. Let’s see how long this lasts.

One thought on “Download Any Video (Almost)”

  1. The up-side is obvious. The down-side is the same as the down side of services like Google and YouTube et al: crappy streaming Flash video, with one-size-fits-all compression applied to it.

    It’s bad enough that one craft and polish a high quality video and then discover it gets posted to Google by someone who likes it. But while it’s a drag that most people will only see a fax-quality copy of your video, it’s even more of a drag if people can save the crappy version.

    In general, being able to save this kind of video sets a trend toward a future where we all have really bad copies of videos with file sizes that are stupidly large.

    Are there any video services like Google that deliver non-transcoded movies? Like downloadable Mpeg4 clips? If not, someone ought to create one. I’m sure there are lots of people who are tired of dicking around with Google and the like (streaming; can’t save easily; abysmal quality; non-standard file format). Of course, there’s video podcasting, but people are chained to their browsers like dogs to their vomit (sic).

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