Towards A Universal Constructor

Paul Raven @ 16-03-2006

The UK’s Bath University houses a project known as ‘RepRap’, short for ‘Replicating Rapid-Prototyper’. Basically, the idea is to produce a machine that can duplicate itself (and other industrial products) and then give away the resulting device under the GNU public licence – in other words create a von Neumann Universal Constructor.

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One Response to “Towards A Universal Constructor”

  1. Ian Parker says:

    I feel that the main milestone for a Von Neumann replicator is the understanding of space and CAD/CAM.

    No doubt your replicator will be designed using CAD – everything is these days. If you could get a system that could put together a flatpack then you would be essentially there. As I said the problem is understanding space and Engineering Physics.

    ProEngineer has a Jlink simulator, and I would suggest that you would start there.

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