Underground Crops

It’s really only logical when you think about it. The relationship between industrial agricultural and the land, sun and rain is as tenuous as anything in this post-post-modern world, so why not snip that thin cord and grow crops underground?

One thought on “Underground Crops”

  1. Years ago I speculated on the emergence of “agricologies”, massive sprawling agricultural industry complexes producing products using abundant fusion power, residual heat.

    In my stories I had these industries displace most natural agriculture in the US (and probably elsewhere as well) and displace most infrastructure directly around the fusion plants; I visualized hundred meter high cubes of nothing but enclosed teeming greenhouses, and underground facilities for processing.

    The advantages are evident, but hinge on that single requirement: abundant free electricity. If you reduce electricity to a fraction of current costs these structures will evolve driven of free market forces. Growing crops in outdoors conditions is just too messy with 6+ billion people on this world.

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