Humans Causing Hurricanes

New research supports the theory that ocean temperature increases in ‘hurricane nurseries’ are largely caused by human actions such as atmospheric pollution. Higher temperatures mean a higher number of big hurricances and other storms will occur – according to to one of the researchers, “we’re performing an uncontrolled experiment by burning fossil fuels and releasing greenhouse gases.” Of course, if you believe the scientists are making it all up or deluding themselves, there’s no cause for alarm. But I for one wouldn’t want to be investing in beachfront property at the moment.

2 thoughts on “Humans Causing Hurricanes”

  1. Scientists “making it all up?” Something like that. Like a newborn child “makes it all up” as it grows up. That’s how the world works, we make it all up.

    There’s a lot of disagreement about whether hurricane frequency and intensity is due more to natural cycles vs. unnatural forcings. Science is not presenting a united front on this issue–not even close.

    If you want to forego buying beachfront property on the basis of this minor study, that’s your choice. If you check prices for beachfront properties, you’ll find that a lot of people are making the opposite choice. You bring up a good point about people putting their money where their minds are.

  2. The temperature reported by the models used by these scientists is at odds with actual ocean teamperatures. These scientists have more belief in their models than the actual data.

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