Robots Go With the (Traffic) Flow

More robotic developments from Japan, where Hitachi have been upgrading their EMIEW servitor bot to make it more viable for use in situations where humans will be present. To that end, they’ve given it a whole bundle of proximity detection gadgets like distance sensors and lasers, and added some control software that will enable the EMIEW to make predictions of where nearby people are heading, and adjust its own course to compensate. Early days yet, though – the bot can navigate “an 8-meter long course along with 4 people walking at normal speeds”, but it’ll be no good at bringing your drinks across a nightclub dancefloor…

One thought on “Robots Go With the (Traffic) Flow”

  1. The technologie coming out of such projects could be used for simpler, more useful stuff. For example a system in your car that detects that the car infront of you is braking a few milliseconds before you, and applies brakes.

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