Strange things are afoot at the US/Mexican border, largely involving cameras. A pilot project by Boeing seeks to avoid the erection of an actual fence in Tucson by using remote surveillance technologies, while an assortment of more grass-roots projects seek to crowdsource border guards by making video footage available on the internet in real time to would-be immigration vigilantes. Whether these initiatives will be sufficient to deter or catch those determined enough to take the risk in the first place remains to be seen – economic incentives might be more effective with a similar expenditure.

One thought on “BorderPatrol@Home”

  1. I think whatever it takes…but keep our border control safest first…so they aren’t imprisoned wrongly!

    I’m so tired of ILLEGALs trying to cross the borders, hasseling our agents and then our fed. govt. turning it around on THEM! That is WRONG!

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