2 thoughts on “Advertising For Good And Evil”

  1. For one, I’m wondering if LEDs are more efficient than the high-efficiency light bulbs widely available here in The Netherlands. Any info on that?

    And those bathroom mirror ads: if I encountered those I’d probably try to remember the brand to make sure I’d never buy anything of them.

    In principle.

  2. About the mirror ads…well, I don’t think they’re such a revolution in advertising…
    They’re interactive alright, but the thing with ambient media should be that they get their message thru in a way that is really smart. It’s true you might not be able to “escape” the advertising mirrors, but they’re as invasive and they have the same “leave-me-alone” factor as other traditional media. Ambient ads should make their point exactly because there’s something about the environment that helps them do that.

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