Brits to re-enter space race?

Well, it’s high time – a special committee of MPs has recommended that the UK government reverse its ban on manned spaceflight, lest we fall so far behind everyone else that we can’t catch up. So we’ll be needing some sexy-looking space suits … either Louise
Riofrio’s design
, or this oh-so-retro space leisure-wear from MIT perhaps. While we’re at it, we could probably find any number of uses for rocket engines with a variable throttle. But then again, maybe we should go the other way, and abandon subtlety in favour of an
updated version of the Orion Project – space vehicles propelled by dropping nuclear bombs beneath themselves

2 thoughts on “Brits to re-enter space race?”

  1. Boy if you keep on banning manned spaceflight, by law, in the 21st century you are surely setting yourself up for a big big disaster. Real stupid.

  2. I for one have never accused my government of being particularly visionary, Dagon! But I still hope for improvement over time, futile as it may turn out to be.

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