Friday Free Fiction for July 27th

Rather than posting links to free fiction piecemeal as it turns up, we thought we’d aggregate the stuff we hear about over the course of the week, and serve it up every Friday for Futurismic folk. So here is the first installment of Friday Free Fiction:

The named-for-perfect-SEO Free Speculative Fiction Online site has posted a list of new arrivals, including a whole bunch of Lewis Shiner short stories.

Matthew Jarpe is sharing the first three chapters of his debut science fiction novel, Radio Freefall.

OK, not strictly fiction, but Subterranean Online has a column from Joe Lansdale and an interview with Patrick Rothfuss. And they are, er, free.

James Patrick Kelly has been gradually podcasting his 1989 novel Look Into The Sun, and is up to the twenty first installment. All the previous bits are still available, too.

And if you want to spend a few minutes having a chuckle at the efforts of a rank amateur, you can read my latest Friday Flash Fiction piece, “AWOL”.

Note for authors and editors – if you’ve just posted some free genre fiction online – in written, graphic or podcast form, or some new format that no one else has ever used before – drop me (Paul Raven) a line using the email address on the ‘Staff’ page, and I’ll list it here.

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