Fancy living at sea?

1483480507_66500ff5a0_m.jpgThis funky partly-submerged oddity is a design for a floating house, with five stories and enough room for six people. Featuring a bathroom and guest room slightly underwater and a lower level observation room for looking into the ocean depths, this would be a room fitting of many a sf or Bond villain! It even includes an electrical generator and enough storage for weeks of food and water. The entire structure is plastic, fibreglass and acrylic but will cost potential buyers a cool $2.5 Millon, which isn’t actually that much compared to a lot of mansions these days.

[via Neatorama, photo by sub-find]

3 thoughts on “Fancy living at sea?”

  1. I can imagine farmers in 10-25 years with a sea-based pen for fish breeding, living in a thing just like this one, with some added deckspace. If such a habitat could be made selfsustaining, with some extra solar cells to power a hydrogen engine boat, it would be a safe place to live in all the global unrest I expect after 2020. The sea may be a great bet to live off the grid and survive into a more stable nano-abundant age.

    Now for winning a multimillion lottery ticket…

  2. With the state of the oceans, and the large number of… uncalm areas I can’t see myself living near a populated coastline wracked by hurricanes.

    As for the power generation, a single wind turbine near the habitat would probably suffice for multiple homes like this.

  3. If there were an option for total submergement, you might be able to withstand the worst of hurricanes. I believe the waves aren’t too bad deeper underwater, though I’m not sure about this. Any marine whosits want to postulate?

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