Edelman dissects the Bourne Trilogy

David Louis Edelman, author of Infoquake, has an excellent blog post today about what Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass’ work on the Bourne trilogy of films implies about the American view of its own government. The complicated paranoia of current world events and the question of how far do you break the rule of law to get the bad guys is one of the key moral choices of the new millenium and near-future SF writers like Edelman are an important part of understanding what’s going on now and what’s going to happen in the future.

[via Pyr editor Lou Anders’ blog]

2 thoughts on “Edelman dissects the Bourne Trilogy”

  1. It is a tall order, that in the face of so much spoiled rotten hubris, screaming nationalism and rightwing xenophobic psychosis, the US would actually go and do anything else than whine, daydream about having an actual conscience.

    After that it is back to business, hands drenched in a fatty mixture of blood and oil.

    The US will only stop doing what it is doing after a serious slap on the wrist. OR a fundamental increase in the cognitive abilities of most of its voters.

    It’s a social-darwinist society through and through and they have been *winning* for generations. Every unadjusted human being would be drunk with power by now.

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