Frankenstein lives–as a musical!

Frankenstein the Musical In my quixotic attempt to keep the Futurismic readership updated on musicals with a SFnal aspect, I give you Frankenstein: The Musical, which has just begun performances at 37 Arts, an off-Broadway theatre in New York. Opening night is Thursday, November 1.

Brian Aldiss, for one, argues that Frankenstein was the first true science fiction novel. He makes a persuasive argument in his history of SF, Billion-Year Spree (later revised as Trillion-Year Spree–inflation was a killer in the ’70s and ’80s). (Image: Frankenstein: The Musical.)

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One thought on “Frankenstein lives–as a musical!”

  1. I saw this play Oct. 24 in previews and it was fantastic.

    It is not a Hollywood sci-fi story, but rather a very sophisticated play about a conflicted scientist and the man he brings back to life. It holds true to Mary Shelley’s novel.

    The acting and singing are sensational, and the sparse sets lend to the brooding mood of the play. The musical score ranks up there with Les Miserables – there are some very beautiful songs.

    This is off-broadway, so the costumes and set designs are not as elaborate as you would find on broadway; but overall this is one fine production.

    If your going to be in New York, you should make an effort to see this little gem!

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