Fund new gadgets with your old ones


In four years, I’ve been through 3 or 4 cell phones, a couple digital cameras and 2 iPods.  Not to mention the computer hardware that’s gone belly-up on me.  So what can I do with all this stuff?  Toss it in the trashRecycle?  The toxic chemicals will pollute, and recyclers haven’t been as scrupulous as we might like – shipping this stuff off to poor countries where circuit boards are burnt to get at their valuable metals.

Now, a socially-responsible company will buy your old consumer electronics off you, refurbish them and sell them on the street, all in an effort to reduce e-waste and improve sustainability.  Second Generation out of Massachusetts will calculate the price then give you a printable shipping label which you slap on a box and send off.  After the items have had their check, you get yours.  If I were in the States, I’d certainly make use of this.  Check out this article at Ars Technica for an in-depth review of Second Generation’s process.

3 thoughts on “Fund new gadgets with your old ones”

  1. sounds good. In a few years/decades I expect this will become the norm to reclaim precious semiconductors and metals like Platinum.

  2. “Alas, they don’t seem to take old non-Apple laptops or any desktop computers, which is what I need to get rid of.”

    My thinking exactly, but then again, they can actually refurbish the consumer electronics, whereas most of the other stuff is just junk…at least, mine is.

    Btw, if you want to get rid of old computers that still work, maybe go talk to your local school, Boys & Girls Club, or YMCA.

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