My book is out, and I’m giving it away

Cover art for Marseguro by Edward Willett I’d like to interrupt our regular Futurismic programming to announce that my new science fiction novel Marseguro is now out from DAW Books and available from fine (and probably even some not-so-fine) bookstores everywhere, with a fabulous cover by Steve Stone. Not only that, I’m giving it away!

First, the book. You can read the first two chapters online here, and watch a video trailer here. Here’s the cover blurb:

Marseguro, a water world far distant from Earth, is home to a small colony of unmodified humans known as landlings and to the Selkies, a water-dwelling race created by geneticist Victor Hansen from modified human DNA. For seventy years the Selkies and the unmodified landlings have dwelled together in peace, safe from pursuit by the current theocratic rulers of Earth–a group intent on maintaining human genetic and religious purity.

Then landling Chris Keating, a misfit on any world, seeks personal revenge on Emily Wood and her fellow Selkies by activating a distress beacon taken from the remains of the original colony ship. When the Earth forces capture the signal and pinpoint its origin, a strike force, with Victor Hansen’s own grandson Richard aboard, is sent to eradicate this abomination.

Yet Marseguro will not prove as easy to conquer as the Earth force anticipates. And what Richard Hansen discovers may alter not only his own destiny but that of Marseguro and Earth as well…

Now, the contest: I’m giving away signed copies of the book this month to mark its release, and I’ve set aside one just for Futurismic readers. If you’d like to put your name in the hat for the draw, please send me an email at edward(at), and mention Futurismic in the subject or body. This contest will remain open until February 17; I’ll make the draw February 18.

Of course, you’re also welcome to enter the non-Futurismic version of the contest, in which I’m giving away one book a week. You can find details on my blog, here.

I now return you to normal posting.

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