Centre for Responsible Nanotechnology at five years old

This Tetrahedron was constructed from DNA molecules by Andrew Turberfield at the University of OxfordVia the blog Responsible Nanotechnology, Mike Treder, Executive Director of the Centre for Responsible Nanotechnology presents his thoughts on the state of the emerging science of nanotech, five year’s since the centre’s creation. He begins by highlighting the original positions made by CRN in 2003:

“Early in 2003, we published the following foundational statements that summarized CRN’s basic positions:

The following post then analyses each of these in turn, comparing things now in 2008 to how it was then back in 2003. There’s been a lot of progress in the field since then but they believe their assumptions remain true. As new ways to manipulate matter at the nanoscale are discovered, potential beneficial uses and dangers will increase exponentially. Theodore Judson’s forthcoming novel ‘The Martian General’s Daughter’ for instance, has a Roman-like empire collapsing because a nanotechnology plague is destroying the metal inside computers and equipment.

[DNA tetrahedron created by Andrew J. Turberfield, Department of Physics, University of Oxford. Image via Nanorex, Inc.]

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  1. A friend is trying to convince this political lobby “netherlands 2040” here in the netherlands that this stuff is actually very important. Maybe more important than the question of whether or not you will be able to own a plot for gardening vegetables. But alas, the bureaucrats feel threatened, move to censure (despite all their claims to the contrary) and think this stuff is “out there” and “pooh pooh”.

    Someone oughta hit them over the head with a clue.

  2. thanks for all the comments lately Khannea, we appreciate it!

    I’ve applied for a PhD next year in nanocrystalline diamond solar cells. It’s very promising although I won’t say anymore until I’m doing it – don’t want to jinx my chances!

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