Friday Free Fiction for 22nd February

It’s a very spare week for free fiction, it appears – but there’s still enough to keep you busy!


Only a single meager sf story on this week:

(there’s more from Mr Lake further down, BTW …)


Breathe” is the first episode of Shadow Unit, the online group writing project of Emma Bull, Elizabeth Bear, Sarah Monette and Will Shetterly. Emma Bull is the author this time.


Here’s episode 6 of Jayme Lynn Blaschke‘s “Memory” sequence at No Fear Of the Future.


Via the new Fantasy And Science Fiction Magazine blog comes news of free fiction from Matthew Hughes in the form of “A Little Learning“, an episode from his novel The Commons.

I’ve not read The Commons, but I have read Black Brillion – so I can tell you if you like metafictional games being played in the Jungian collective unconscious, you’ll want to spare the time for this!


Episode 2 of Warren Ellis‘ new weekly freebie online comic Freakangels is up and about.

Remember – sassy girl in fishnets who pilots a steam powered gyrocopter around a flooded London. Everything else is gravy – and Freakangels being written by Ellis, that’s plenty of gravy to go around.


Okay, let’s form up the Friday Flash Fictioneers!

Dan Pawley was late posting last week’s piece, so I figure we can blame all that “Monkeywrenching“.

Greg O’Byrne tells of “The Witch On Oasis“, while Gareth D Jones wishes he’d waited “Just One Day“.

Gareth L Powell would like to interrupt this program briefly for “A Word From Our Sponsor“.

Neil Beynon talks to “The Woodsman“, while Jay Lake wants “To Repair Man“.

Now spare a moment to listen to Dr Ian Hocking‘s “Mix Tape“; then maybe you’ll be up for a journey to “The Fayre” in the company of yours truly.


And that’s it for this week, I’m afraid – though judging by past form that means we’ll have a bumper crop next week.

Don’t forget there’s fresh fiction coming back to Futurismic on 3rd March – and watch out for a little surprise over the course of this weekend, too!

By the way, if you have a tip-off or suggestion for FFF (or just about the site in general), we now have a funky new contact form for you to use.

In the meantime, I’ve got to get myself sorted out – I have a convention to attend tomorrow! I hope you all have a great weekend.

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