Nokia creates flexible phone prototype that can be worn as bracelet

Tomas Martin @ 25-02-2008

Nokia innovates new flexible mobile phonesExciting times in the world of electronics as phone company Nokia have designed a wearable, flexible phone. Resembling a normal handset folded in half, when fully unrolled it can be used as a keyboard but it can also be folded lengthways and widthways and curled into a bracelet to wear on the wrist.

Although current battery technology isn’t good enough to join this flexible technology revolution as improvements in nanowire batteries and even static electricity generating clothing could mean that in ten year’s time we wear our phone/mp3 player/personal computer on our sleeve and link up our headphones to it wirelessly.

[image and story via the Guardian]

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One Response to “Nokia creates flexible phone prototype that can be worn as bracelet”

  1. Sammi B says:

    Amazing! I love it! I think it’s cooler then a Kindle!