Friday Free Fiction for 14th March

Paul Raven @ 14-03-2008

A slimmer week than the one before, but there’s still plenty out there. Let’s see what’s on the fiction menu at Free’s Bar and Grill …


A decent fistful from

Plus …


Subterranean Press are giving away Charlie Stross’s comic novella Trunk and Disorderly, originally printed in Asimov’s, in audio format:

“Charles Stross is damned funny, both in person and on the page. You’ll have to take my word on the first count. As to the second, here’s a P. G. Wodehouse meets Robert A. Heinlein as filtered through Mr. Stross’s sensibilities. In other words, [Trunk and Disorderly is] funny and indescribable as hell, and probably my favorite story this year.”


Peter Watts is on the case. He’s just added his short story “Repeating The Past” (originally published in Nature Magazine, as per this PDF if you prefer) to his free short fiction selection, and recent post “A Passing Phase” might be a piece of flash, a fragment of something bigger, or who knows what else. It’s good, though.


Futurismic‘s own Edward Willett (currently assailed by book-related deadlines) belatedly informs us about SF Canada (Canada’s SFWA equivalent, hopefully minus a Burt equivalent) and its free fiction offerings:

“I just updated the site last week, and currently we’re featuring “Among You” by Phyllis Gotlieb on the home page. Everything we put up (pretty much) stays up indefinitely: the permanent URL will be where the continuation of the story from the home page is now.

Previously featured fiction is all archived, and there’s also a linked list of free fiction.”

Cheers Ed – good luck with that deadline.


Chris Roberson is subjecting Timmy Gromp to further grief in a tale that came out of a writing workshop he attended recently: “Timmy Gromp and the Golden Hen of Time“.


Don’t forget that SF Signal has damn near the entire 2008 Nebula ballot list linked to in free online form, all but two novellas.


Here’s your weekly chunk of work from the Friday Flash Fictioneers.

Gareth L Powell reports on a “Close Encounter“, while Jay Lake writes “In The Green Jungles Of Envy“; Neil Beynon‘s hands are in his “Pockets“, which might make it easier for him to follow Shaun C Green‘s advice to “Carry These Songs Like A Comfort Wherever You Go“. Yours truly has been “Deflowered“, but it’s not what you think.

As an added bonus, Ian Hocking podcasts a piece of flash by Tom Vowler called “Breathe“.


And that’s it for this week; don’t forget we’re always open for your tips and plugs, just mouse on over to the Contact page and drop us a line.

In the meantime, have a great weekend!

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