Friday Free Fiction for 9th May

Another seven days have passed in the magical land of Intarwub, and they have deposited the usual cargo of free fictional nuggets on their way through; consider this your menu, your guide, your pre-flight check-list …


A single full book (and a very old one at that) from


Unpublished Heinlein news from Subterranean Online:

“… we’re delighted to bring to light a teleplay co-written by Robert A. Heinlein more than 50 years ago. Delilah and the Space Rigger, is based, of course, on the classic short story. For insight into the practical way in which Heinlein approached writing for the screen, we’re also printing John Scalzi’s introduction.”


From Cory Doctorow:

“I’ve just put up my site for Little Brother, my young adult novel about hacker kids who use technology to reclaim the Bill of Rights from the DHS after a terrorist attack on San Francisco.”

Being as it’s a Doctorow title, it comes in many flavours and there are many things you are legally allowed to do with it – pretty much anything except sell it for money.


Eos are giving away the entirety of Sarah Douglass’s The Serpent Bride as an ebook:

Rescued from unspeakable horror, Ishbel Brunelle has devoted her life to a Serpent cult that reads the future in the entrails of its human sacrifices. But the Serpent has larger plans for Ishbel than merely being archpriestess, plans that call for a dangerous royal marriage balancing on the edge between treachery and devotion, and an eerie, eldritch warning: Prepare for the Lord of Elcho Falling . . .

A bit fantasy for Futurismic readers, perhaps, but an entire free book is not to be sniffed at.


An email from John T Cullen:

Hi, Futurismic – please check out the free novels and other work at

I’m the former editor of the late Far Sector SFFH, once the oldest professional webmag of SF/F/H. I’m also the second person in history to release serial chapters of whole novels (1996-7). I think we have a new pioneering effort going on, to be explained in a year or two if it works out. Please come visit.

I remain to be convinced of the validity of that serial-chapter-release business (wasn’t that the standard publishing business model of the Victorian era? Edit in light of clarification from Mr Cullen: serial chapters online), but Mr Cullen sure does have a whole lot of work there on his site. Go take a look.


Yet more WTFBBQ action from Shadow Unit:

Esther Falkner spent twenty minutes wondering what to do with her hair.

At work, she wore it up, severe and businesslike. At home, she left it loose and long. It was another way to remind herself, Leave the job at the job. Leave home at home.

But compartmentalizing was a temporary coping strategy at best. It failed to account for a backyard potluck barbeque with her co-workers.


A message from Nathan Lilly reminds us of yet more good shizzle at “A Man Called Mister Brown: Mr. Green (part 3 of 8)” by A.R. Yngve, and “Octopus Tanks” by Max Gladstone. If the latter isn’t the best story title you’ve read all week, I want to know why!


A message from Gary Ballard:

I saw that you write up free fiction on Fridays and wondered if you’d like to cover my blog novel. It’s called Under the Amoral Bridge and it’s being updated weekly with a new chapter and/or supplementary material.

Consider it covered, Gary! Least we can do for someone who bought some ad space is let the RSS readers know about it too.


Here’s Memory #12 from Jayme Lynn Blaschke:

Thunder boiled up through Flavius’ arm, threatening to tear muscle from bone and split his skin. It roared through his shoulder and into his head.

His head! His head! His head! Lightning flashed behind his eyes, blinding bursts of fire that swelled within his skull as the terrible pressure built up. Were all the killer waves racing ahead of a storm to ram themselves into a teacup, it’d still be a faint whisper of the torrent pouring into him.


And now it’s Friday Flash Fiction time! Let’s see what we have …

  • Shaun C Green channels Justin Pickard in “Binary Visions
  • Justin Pickard (the real one) pitches one out from the depths of Dissertation Hell – it’s “Sublime
  • Dan Pawley wants to tell you about “Alice
  • Gareth D Jones wants to tell you about “Rosetta
  • Neil Beynon is smoking “Quantum Cigars
  • Sarah Ellender keeps it super-short with “Liquid Smoke
  • Phred Serenissima is engaged in “The Great Debate

Apologies this week from Gareth L Powell; he’s celebrating having topped the Interzone reader’s poll. Congratulations, Gareth – well deserved.

Added bonus: not exactly flash, and not exactly a story, but long-time web-buddy and all-round smart dude Sterling “Chip” Camden posted a speculative piece of writing entitled “Conversation with a neighbour” which you might find worth reading.


What’s that? You want more free fiction? More than I manage to link to here every week?

Well, you’re in luck – I am reliably informed by the SF Signal crew that Free Speculative Fiction Online (the most accurately named website ever) has had a recent update with masses more titles, many of which haven’t been mentioned here. So if you find these weekly round-ups insufficient, that’s where you want to be clicking next.


Oh, you want dead-tree reading material as well? Good grief, you’re a demanding lot!

Lucky for you, the Magazine of Fantasy And Science Fiction is offering you a free copy of the July 2008 issue; all you have to do in exchange is blog about it.


And that’s about your lot, folks – until next week, at least! In the meantime, keep those plugs and tip-offs rolling in, and have a great weekend.

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