Making the Wiimote obsolescent – massive multi-touch Missile Command

Paul Raven @ 13-05-2008

Did you ever play Missile Command in the arcades when you were a kid? I’ll bet you thought (more than once) “man, how awesome would it be if you could just touch the screen instead of using that trackball!

Steve Mason evidently thought so, and has taken advantage of multi-touch technology to make a wall-sized version for the serious win:

I know we don’t do many gadget posts at Futurismic these days, but I couldn’t let that one pass by. 🙂 [vid via Engadget]

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2 Responses to “Making the Wiimote obsolescent – massive multi-touch Missile Command”

  1. Kian says:

    Ahhh SO want to play.

  2. Khannea Suntzu says:

    The more weight you want to lose, the bigger the screen. Wraparound 360 screens for the 1334 win and the cardiac arrest.