Fusion Man flys his jetpack over the Alps

OK, so this is going to make two OMGtehAWESOME posts in one week, but this is waaaay cooler than wall-sized touchscreen Missile Command.

Swiss lunatic Yves Rossy has achieved the ultimate pulp-sf dream of flying on a personal jetpack. The unit is shaped like a small set of wings strapped to his back, equipped with four jet engines; it has taken five years to build. But he has nailed it – behold!

There’s a much better video with the article on The Guardian’s website, but it isn’t embeddable (sorry). But seriously, click through and check it out. And envy.

4 thoughts on “Fusion Man flys his jetpack over the Alps”

  1. This is what the world has done in the past, depended on the little guy to be the inovat be the inovator for the future. Corporations want to limit our progress.
    Begin to put your ideas or paper. Develop them to your fullest ability.

  2. This has to be the invention of the decade! Just watch out for the Corporate world to take it and re-design it! Now, that it is in the public eye I would surely bet that the Government along with Corporate America is Cloning this idea!! Remember they have all the money which comes from us! Im sure we will not be flying anytime soon for Big Government and Oil will put the Iron fist down on the one inventor who has made a difference! Best Of Luck Fusionman! This is a True Breakthrough! TLogic

  3. I should warn you, TLogic – the Illuminati keep a close eye on this blog, and are very adept at extracting IP addresses from server logs. I’ve already said too much.

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