Friday Free Fiction for 27th June

Greetings, free fiction aficionados! We’ve got a pretty hefty batch here in compensation for my absence last week, so let’s get straight to it …


Just a few from

The Chamber Of Life” by Green Peyton Wertenbaker

Nine Hard Questions About The Nature Of the Universe” by Lewis Shiner


By comparison, the folk at Feedbooks have been busy beavers, and there’s enough here to keep you going for weeks, from proto-sf classics to pulp-era shorts. There are not only short stories …

… but full novels, too:



Via SF Signal, there’s a veritable festival of Edgar Rice Burroughs at Project Gutenberg:


A message hit the inbox from dj lotu5:

I think that this story I wrote – “Tissue Banking” – is about what Futurismic is about: the uncanny similarity between the future and the present. I’m a transgender artist, blogger and trouble maker, and I blog about the interplay of technology, transgender, sex and resistance.

Thanks, dj!


Via Gareth D Jones, a new addition the the sidebar o’ justice: Concept SciFi webzine


Warren Ellis makes a proclamation:

With the aid of the Colleen Doran Creator’s Grant, Kieron Gillen and Charity Larrison have completed their darkly magical graphic novel Busted Wonder, which you can read in its entirely online for free at

You must go and read it now.

Obey the Ellis!


From the High Lord of Free, Cory Doctorow:

For the 150th anniversary issue of The Bookseller […] the editors commissioned me to write a short-short story about the next 150 years of book sales. The result is called The Right Book, and it’s out in the current edition and online [first two pages, third page] as well.


The increasingly ubiquitous Fantasy Book Spot is hosting a teaser chapter of Ken MacLeod‘s forthcoming novel The Night Sessions:

He slowed and dismounted fifty metres from the obstruction. A slope of rubble sprawled halfway across the road. The lower half of the front of a tenement block had been blasted out. Two floors had collapsed. No vehicles had been crushed, but the wreckage of several collisions remained slewed in the road. Ferguson hadn’t seen anything like this in real life for a long time, and now seldom even on television. He took off his cycle clips, pushed the bike one-handed and stared ahead. After a step or two he remembered the weight on his back.

Looking forward to that one – MacLeod novels rarely disappoint me.


Jayme Lynn Blaschke is up to instalment sixteen of Memory:

Bolts of green flame spewed from the cuayabs.



Here are the Friday Flash Fictioneer pieces from last week which were delayed by my gallivanting out of town:

And just to make everyone feel like total amateurs, Gareth D Jones offers his now-published-in-Nature piece – you can see “Travel By Numbers” in all its native (or should that be Natural?) glory.

And here’s this week‘s Friday Flash material:


And that’s your lot – if that huge stack from Feedbooks can’t keep you occupied for a while, you must be some sort of reading machine. Don’t forget to make time to drop us in your tips and plugs for next week, though – deadline is 1730 hours GMT.

Have a great weekend!

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