Germans putting CO2 underground

Carbon sequestration or carbon capture and storage (CCS) is an enticing possibility for those who like their global CO2 levels below 390 ppm but aren’t too keen on nuclear power.

sa-megetThe basic idea is to carry on burning fossil fuels for energy, but instead of venting the waste CO2 into the atmosphere, bury it underground. Now CO2SINK, a European research project, have created the first underground carbon dioxide storage site at Ketzin, near Berlin:

It will pump up 60,000 tonnes of the greenhouse gas into porous, salt water-filled rock at depths of more than 600 metres (656 yards) over the next two years, the centre said.

This obviously won’t solve all the problems. After all it is probable that our fossil fuels will run out at some point. “Clean” fossil fuels might provide a useful stopgap before we decide on our long term energy mix.

[story via PhysOrg][image from Jacob Botter on flickr]

3 thoughts on “Germans putting CO2 underground”

  1. Is it just me, or do other Europeans find a post with the title “Germans putting CO2 underground”, together with a picture of a huge balloon that has Danish text, quite amusing?

    I guess it must be difficult for those British and American bloggers at Futurismic to distinguish all those pesky European languages…;-)

  2. To be fair, Jetse, the article does say the site is near Berlin! And we have to be careful about using images we have permission for … besides, what would the Dutch have to complain about if we didn’t misrepresent them every now and again?

    Apart from the football results, that is … 😉

  3. I dono, the idea of CO2 sequestering deeply scares me. Oddly, I’m much more comfortable that we can keep reactor waste safe in deep caverns than our ability to keep a lot more CO2 gas safe underground.

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