Floating cities on Venus?

Tom James @ 22-07-2008

Combining two of the most compelling tropes from science fiction: floating cities and colonising other planets, Geoffrey Landis, a scientist at the NASA Glenn Research Center (who also writes science fiction, apparently) suggest the idea that humans could live in aerostatic cities in the upper atmosphere of Venus:

50 km above the surface, Venus has air pressure of approximately 1 bar and temperatures in the 0

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2 Responses to “Floating cities on Venus?”

  1. Edward Willett says:

    Um, Geoffrey Landis “also writes science fiction, apparently”? He’s the author of more than 70 short stories and two novels and a two-time Hugo Award winner. No “apparently” about it.

  2. Claes says:

    Nice, I would probobly kill my family or commit genocide if that would make it possible for me to live in the future – post-apocalyptic or idyllic – it wouldn’t matter how that future would look like.