Ding, dong, the blog is dead…

Tom James @ 05-08-2008

Bruce Sterling has assembled some interesting thoughts on the future of blogging, from Thomas Purves:


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6 Responses to “Ding, dong, the blog is dead…”

  1. Ian Sales says:

    And here’s the evidence:

    What an entirely pointless blog io9 is. It gives “trivial” a bad name.

  2. Paul Raven says:

    They had a pretty decent smattering of literature and writing pieces in the early months, but they just don’t pull traffic like the media-sf list fluff, hence the focus on that. That’s economics for ya – they have a stable of pro writers on decent salaries to pay, after all. Whereas I can’t even pay for Futurismic‘s fiction from the site’s ad revenue yet, so maybe it’s me that’s the fool. *shrug*

  3. Ian Sales says:

    Pro writers dreamt up that post on American accents by Brit actors? I suspect they’re paying them too much…

  4. Paul Raven says:

    You’re not thinking in terms of keywords and SEO, Ian; actors attract an amount of search traffic orders of magnitude bigger than authors can manage. And so it goes.

  5. Ian Sales says:

    It’s still possible to engage intelligently with a subject, without having “sf’s sexiest babes” or content like that. Um, I’m beginning to understand why I don’t read SFX…

  6. Alüminyum says:

    The sad part (irony?) is that this post should be read by all library leaders but will not since only a small minority see any value in the blogspace to begin with.