Scented laptops

floralApparently for real, from PC maker Asus:

Floral Blossom is pink with a flowery smell; Musky Black sports graffiti art and emits an earthy musk; Morning Dew comes in pastel green and offers that refreshing early a.m. je ne sais quoi; and Aqua Ocean gives off an aquatic aroma and comes with sky and wave imagery on the cover.

MediaBistro, unimpressed:

I can’t wait to get on a plane in a middle seat in coach surrounded by this stuff.

[Floral by Asus]

3 thoughts on “Scented laptops”

  1. Argh. I bet “Floral Blossom” smells like that cleaner so many restaurants use in their restrooms, the one that always gives me a coughing fit. It smells pink.

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