More future art: Razer

Via Irene Gallo at (who, as Tor’s art director, surely knows exactly what the hell she is talking about), here’s some more awesome near-future science fictional artwork from a contributor to the ConceptArt forums who goes by the name of Razer:

gunmen in a corridor by Razer

cyberpunk shootout by Razer

futuristic city skyline by Razer

The guy has a knack with the gritty street-level stuff as well as the large-scale vision, and the thread where Razer posted these has literally dozens of other images from our cyberpunk tomorrows right out into outer space, all of which are pretty bloody impressive – to this fumble-fingered non-artist, at least.

I’m getting more and more tempted to do some sort of regular art slot here at Futurismic… what think you, readers?

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