Clean up carbon nanotubes with… horseradish?

Paul Raven @ 22-12-2008

No need to worry about the potential toxicity of carbon nanotubes making their way into the food chain any more; researchers at the University of Pittsburgh have discovered that nanotubes are biodegraded in the presence of a natural enzyme found in horseradish. That’s one less thing to beef about, then. [via KurzweilAI]

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7 Responses to “Clean up carbon nanotubes with… horseradish?”

  1. JustinP says:

    Worst. Pun. Ever. 😉

  2. Paul Raven says:

    I don’t think WordPress supports an ‘abashed’ emoticon.

  3. Darren T says:

    Spider (Robinson) senses tingling…

  4. Gadget Sleuth says:

    Someone needs to be fired for the “beef about” thing…immediately. 🙂

    As for the story, eh. Sounds weird…how was this discovered anyway? Someone eating lunch while experimenting?

  5. Paul Raven says:

    Sorry Mr Sleuth, but the E-in-C ain’t gonna fire himself. Slow news week. 😉

  6. Jetse says:

    C’mon, Paul: adapt to modern times.

    Fire yourself and then rehire yourself at a higher salary.


  7. Paul Raven says:

    I could do that by giving myself an apple once a week…