5 thoughts on “Spaceport Scotland?”

  1. Has anyone ever explained to the Scots why most space launch facilities are nearer to the equator?

  2. The article mentions that Virgin have identified the site as a potential venue, though it doesn’t describe their criteria for doing so.

  3. The idea for using Lossiemouth in Scotland as a base for space tourism comes from Virgin Galactic, who chose the site because it fitted operational criteria. The Scottish Government have welcomed the idea. Those of us who hope that space travel can inspire a generation of young Scots in science and technology also welcome the possibility of the development.

  4. In answer to Rick York’s question. Yes, we Scots do understand that most space launch facilities are near the equator to help obtain orbital velocity with the minimum energy expenditure. However, you will have observed that the Virgin Galactic flights are not aimed at reaching orbit, simply in providing a spaceflight experience. Their current interest is in developing a new “tourist” sector for the Virgin business. This is just what Scotland wants also. Lossiemouth is well situated as a climbing track out over the north sea and returning over Shetland and Western Isles would provide an amazing view of Scotland and the Easterrn seaboard of Europe. It would also be clear of all of the congested, controlled airspace further south. I hope that helps Rick and Robert to understand the rational for the location.

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