Top ten skiffy gizmos verging on reality

Either it’s a slow week over at New Scientist, or they decided to throw us science fictional types a bone… either way, we’ll point out their top ten list of science fiction gadgets and devices that are nearing reality*.

As such lists do, it includes the gloriously impractical (e.g. the long-fabled jetpack) alongside a couple of genuinely useful items (like a universal audio translator and an artificial gill for breathing under water).

It’s a shame there aren’t more things like reliable sources of drinkable water, effective renewable energy generators and cures for diseases… but that’s us science fiction geeks for you, always with our head in the clouds. If you could pick any sf-nal technology to make a reality, what would it be?

* It would appear, possibly unsurprisingly, that the New Scientist definition of ‘reality’ is one that includes you having a lot of money.

One thought on “Top ten skiffy gizmos verging on reality”

  1. Within the realm of the quasi-plausible I’d nominate the rapid-education-devices from Greg Bear’s “Eon.” Learning new skills and acquiring new knowledge quickly (or substantially quicker) would be pretty neat.

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