Shipping containers redux

Paul Raven @ 29-01-2009

Good grief, is there anything you can’t do with a shipping container? Hot on the heels of speculative mutating condominiums comes this: a nice simple urban newsagents:

A shop in a shipping container

Looks like it has been squeezed into a former front or side yard… this sort of instant architecture is likely to become a lot more commonplace in our cities, I feel.

Makes good business sense, too… locality becoming impoverished? Hire a truck, load her on and ship her out. A fully portable business. [picture by Paul McAuley]

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One Response to “Shipping containers redux”

  1. PaulC says:
    “From Futurismic we get this interesting photo. Its a small shop made from a shipping container. Pretty cool. Throw in a small generator and…”