Karl Schroeder on likely surprises for 2009

Tom James @ 21-03-2009

Someone who may or may not be SF writer Karl Schoeder is Twittering on likely surprises for 2009:


All fairly uncontentious, no?

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2 Responses to “Karl Schroeder on likely surprises for 2009”

  1. Denni says:

    What, AI doesn’t get a look in?

    The time has come. Several teams are working on NLP applications, and one of these is close to home.

    The time has come. Nothing will be quite the same.

  2. Brian Wang says:

    So ebook sales to track which part of the iPod quarterly sales jump ?

    240,000 kindle sales first half of 2008

    So iPod like sales tracking would be about the 2004 ipod sales number for 2009 with the big jump
    going into 2010 that matches iPod going to 5-6 million per quarter.

    Desktop printer / rapid prototyping manufacturing is about a 1 billion a year industry.
    The low end of the market is getting more introductions.