Friday Free Fiction for 24th April

Paul Raven @ 24-04-2009

It’s Friday evening here in the UK, which can only mean one thing – a big batch of free science fiction to read on the intertubes, of course! So, without further delay…


Just the one at ManyBooks:


And an old-school novel at FeedBooks:


Because he’s too modest to just step up and tell you himself, Futurismic blogger Edward Willett asked me to mention:

I’ve posted the first two chapters of my upcoming novel Terra Insegura (sequel to the Aurora Award-nominated Marseguro) to my new-and-improved website. Bonus: I’ve also posted MP3s of myself reading said chapters. Terra Insegura is published by DAW Books and will be in bookstores May 5.

Go take a look!


Season 2 of Shadow Unit continues with “Dragons


Jason Stoddard presents chapter 5.2 of Eternal Franchise


Via pretty much everywhere:

Neil Gaiman, Lou Anders, Bryan Talbot, Hal Duncan, Catherynne M Valente, Chris Roberson, Paul S Kemp and Rhys Hughes contributed fiction and articles that are part of issue 5 of Heliotrope, an appreciation to the legendary writer, Michael Moorcock.

Go get your Elric on.


Subterranean Online presents “The Ascendant” by Ted Kosmatka


Strange Horizons presents “As He Was” by Kit St. Germain

*** presents “Bugs in the Arroyo” by Stephen Gould


Here’s the stuff that the ubiquitous metaphorical feelers of SF Signal  probed out from the week:

  • Raygun Revival issue #52 features fiction by Andy Heizeler, L S King, Justin R Macumber, Keanan Brand, Jodi MacArthur, Martin Turton, Darrell B Nelson, and M Keaton
  • PulpGen presents “The Chalice of Circe” by Willard Hawkins

Big Pulp presents:

And finally, some more free excerpts:


Here’s two weeks worth of  Friday Flash Fictionto make up for me sloping off early last week:


And finally, a bonus for those of stern disposition (or a cephalopod festish) –The Complete Works of H P Lovecraft, available to read for free on the web. [via Matt Staggs]


There you have it, folks. As always, get in touch if you have anything to plug, promote or recommend; our trained operators are waiting for your call – er, email. Have a great weekend!

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3 Responses to “Friday Free Fiction for 24th April”

  1. beastless says:

    Mmmm, cephalopods.

  2. Screen Sleuth says:

    Amazing how much free fiction there is on the web..authors working for almost nothing. I guess passion still does exist.

  3. Darrell B Nelson says:

    Thanks for the mention.
    My other writings can be found at, as well as upcoming issues of AlienSkin Magazine and Bewildering Stories.