My fandom

Paul Raven @ 13-09-2009

My Fandom - Does Not Equal

Does Not Equal is a webcomic by Sarah Ennalscheck out the pre-Futurismic archives, and the strips that have been published here previously.

[ Be sure to check out the Does Not Equal Cafepress store for webcomic merchandise featuring Canadians with geometrically-shaped heads! ]

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2 Responses to “My fandom”

  1. Justin Pickard says:

    Most DNE‘s go straight over my head, but this one made me inexplicably happy.

  2. Sarah Ennals says:

    The scene in “Smart Like Me” where Doc laments Lieutenant Friend’s decision to elevate his intelligence because “you were the one person on this ship I could look at and think – “I’ll never have to
    kill that guy”,” is actually pretty dramatic.