Dunesteef – podcast genre fiction zine

Here’s a heads-up for podcast fans from the Futurismic mailbag – Dunesteef is an audio fiction magazine that mainly deals in material with SF/F/H tropes, and they’ve just run a version of Jason Stoddard’s “Willpower”.

Looks like they’re knocking out about ten stories per quarter, which is pretty respectable… so those of you with the (enviable) spare time in which to listen to great stories read aloud should probably add it to your podcast aggregator, RSS reader or preferred software of equivalent function. 🙂

One thought on “Dunesteef – podcast genre fiction zine”

  1. Thanks for the mention. I hope everybody checks out and enjoys the shows. I think we’ve got some great stories that you might enjoy. There are even people who enjoy our post story comments. But if you get sick of listening to Rish and I ramble, feel free to hit skip. We promise we won’t be offended.

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