Shine anthology contributors interviewed

Paul Raven @ 09-04-2010

The SF Signal gang have turned over the microphone (er, keyboard) to Charles Tan to publish a set of interviews with the authors whose stories appear in the Shine anthology of optimistic science fiction, mentioned here many times previously. Shine features a decent number of Futurismic fiction alumni, and hence regular readers may be interested to see the interviews with Silvia Moreno-Garcia and Jason Stoddard which have already appeared.

I’ll be reviewing Shine here at Futurismic just as soon as my life circumstances have handed me sufficient time to read it and bash out some words in response (things are still a little fraught, in case you were wonderin’). In the meantime, have any of you lot bought a copy of Shine and, if so, what did you think? And if you’re not interested in buying a copy (for any reason other than not having the money spare), why is that?

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One Response to “Shine anthology contributors interviewed”

  1. John D. says:

    Thanks for the plug.

    FYI…We’ve also posted interviews with Paula R. Stiles, Mari Ness and Madeline Ashby. See the interviews page for links (

    More to come next week!