Marine animals join “War on Terror”

Paul Raven @ 20-05-2010

It might help curb your concerns about terrorist attacks channeled through nature to learn that some of God’s creatures are fighting on the side of righteousness: the US Navy has a Marine Mammals unit that trains sea lions and dolphins to detect and apprehend terrorists trying to sabotage or disrupt coastal infrastructure [via SlashDot].

Apparently the unit has existed since the Vietnam War… how in hell did they not get their own TV show?

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2 Responses to “Marine animals join “War on Terror””

  1. Nancy Jane Moore says:

    Seems to me that William Gibson used that in “Johnny Mnenomic.” I don’t suppose a TV show would have used that dark a take on it, though.

  2. Ian W says:

    Haven’t you seen “Day of the Dolphin”?