Server migration completed

Hi folks; just a quick public service announcement to say that I repointed Futurismic‘s domain name to a new server yesterday, and that the migration appears to have taken without a glitch (touch wood). If you notice anything janky or broken, please let us know… but hopefully all you should notice are the things that finally work the way they were always meant to, such as proper 404 pages for broken links, images loading properly, reasonable page load times, contact forms that actually function as advertised, and so on.

It’s a move I should perhaps have made long ago, but the webmasters among you are probably aware of just how true the old “devil you know” adage can be when it comes to hosting companies. But on the strong recommendation of a few friends in the business, I’m now working with an outfit called 34SP, and if they can maintain the level of service they’ve shown so far, it’ll have been the best decision I’ve made in years*.


[ * To be fair, some of my bigger decisions of the last eighteen months make that an easy contest, but so it goes. ]

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  1. One of my comment disappeared. But maybe it was deleted because I’m using a false email address (sorry but I do not want to create one more address or use my real name) ? If it’s the case could you say it to me ? I’ll find another solution.

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