They’re printed out of meat

Paul Raven @ 23-08-2010

First came the 3D printer… then came the CandyFab. But the collision of food and fabrication technology continues apace, as Fab@Home devotees start using scallops and turkey “reduced to an extrudable form” (shudder) to print user-designed meat-shapes.

OK, so it’s much cheaper and easier (not to mention commonplace) to just mould reclaimed meats into shapes, and more sophisticated work is being done in the medical sphere toward ‘printing’ new organs (or just growing them [via SentientDevelopments]), but I just couldn’t resist the headline.

And one thing’s for certain: when some smart so-and-so does the first 3D printout of John Scalzi’s head made from bacon, the internet will explode.


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2 Responses to “They’re printed out of meat”

  1. Cheryl says:

    You watch– some idiot in South Carolina will start printing Qur’ans from pork and having themselves a bbq.

  2. Babylon says:

    hehe, that’s awesome. I want a Koran pork barbeque.