Malaria mosquitoes evolving immunity faster than expected

More malaria news, some bad, some good. The bad news: two strains of African malaria-carrying mosquito are evolving more quickly than was previously thought, which could render them immune to current and future control strategies.

The good (or at least better) news: around a third of the molecular switches that control key stages of the development of the malaria parasite can be tampered with in order to prevent transmission of the disease.

Sad to think that The War On Malaria struggles for funding, while The Wars On An Assortment Of Abstract Nouns burn billions to little effect. Cognitive bias at its very best.

2 thoughts on “Malaria mosquitoes evolving immunity faster than expected”

  1. The spread of malaria is very alarming really and it has taken many lives already, young, adult, and even old. Good thing government and research institute are doing their best just to come up with solutions to this widespread problem. With us all together and unified we can win this battle and stop malaria from taking lives.

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