Welcome to Uncanny Valley

Paul Raven @ 06-11-2010

Thanks to regular reader Sarah Brand for the tip-off on this one; Tokyo-based entertainment company Kokoro has been uploading videos of Actroid F, their android actress, and they’re simultaneously impressive and creepy. Voila:

See what I mean? I’ve spoken to hotel desk staff and shop assistants less realistic than that! (Which probably says a lot about my shopping and travel habits; so it goes.)

[ Bonus aside for the rock fans in the readership, who may have noticed the album-name allusion in the title of this post: maybe the not-really-entirely-Kyuss-actually cash-in reformation could get an android stand-in for Josh Homme? I’d be more interested in catching the shows if they did, to be honest… ]

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3 Responses to “Welcome to Uncanny Valley”

  1. jon says:

    Good god, I’ve even conducted seminars for people less lifelike than that.

  2. silviamg says:

    Future job prospects for me:

    A) My job will be outsourced
    B) I’ll be replaced by a giant rubber doll.
    C) My line of work will cease to exist
    D) All of the above


  3. Wintermute says:

    You see? Remember what I said about them robots? Here it comes.