Building robots building robot buildings…

Behold the potential future of building; construction workers, you may want to start training for your second career NOW.

Oh, so you’re not impressed by that? OK, so imagine large swarms of smaller versions of those quadrotor critters assembling constructions which themselves are autonomous, modular, quasi-sentient and self-repairing

From BotJunkie, via George Dvorsky; cheers, George. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Building robots building robot buildings…”

  1. (scratches a checkmark on his future prediction scorecard)

    Austerity? Ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

  2. Interesting, but definitely NOT for the construction field: its requirements in terms of weight to be lifted and forces to be applied are scarcely compatible with (reasonably sized) autonomous rotorcraft. Not casually, in the video the joints appear to be magnetic (i.e., self-assembling). Conversely, this kind of technology is promising for inspection in places that are not easily reachable from the ground: e.g., overhead lines in cramped city locations, or roofs.

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