The moderate author’s view of piracy and publishing

Futurismic alumnus and all-round good chap Tobias Buckell has probably the most moderate and well-considered post on piracy I’ve yet seen from a mid-list author; go read it.

And as a reminder that squelching peer-to-peer protocols on the internet – even if it’s possible – will not defeat the economic problems inherent to infinitely duplicatable digital goods, here’s a DIY guide to building a portable wi-fi-powered peer-to-peer server into a lunchbox [via Hack A Day]. Think of it as a sneakernet on steroids; how you gonna hit that with DMCA takedowns?

You can try to fix the world, or you can try to fix your business model. Remember, King Canute got nothing but wet feet for his troubles*.

[ * Yes, Canute was actually trying to make a point about his lack of kingly omnipotence; a doubled layer of irony for you, there. ]

One thought on “The moderate author’s view of piracy and publishing”

  1. Thanks for the link.

    The Buckell essay is probably one of the most sensible I’ve read so far.

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