Spacetime pixels probably smaller than predicted

Paul Raven @ 06-07-2011

Just because I get a deep kick of joy from being able to type out a post title like that and have it actually mean something. From Wired UK, reassurance that we’re (probably) not living in a holographic universe:

Hogan’s interpretation of results from the GEO600 gravitational wave experiment had shown a quantum fuzziness — a sort of pixellation — at incredibly small scales, suggesting that what was perceive as the universe might be projected from a two-dimensional shell at its edge.

However, a European satellite that should be able to measure these small scales hasn’t found any quantum fuzziness at all, contradicting the interpretation of the GEO600 results and indicating that the pixellation of spacetime, if it exists, is considerably smaller than predicted.

Well, I’ll be sleeping more soundly tonight.


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2 Responses to “Spacetime pixels probably smaller than predicted”

  1. Carl says:

    Like digital cameras, perhaps this year’s model of holo-projectors are capable of greater resolution. I mean seriously, this universe seems so lifelike – not like in the 20’s when everybody walked with that jerky motion and things were in black and white.

  2. Sterling Camden says:

    It’s not the GPU, we just need a monitor upgrade.