Acceptable Use Agreement Form

Jeremy Lyon @ 27-11-2020

It is the policy of the [name of the organization], to maintain an environment that promotes ethical and responsible behavior in all online network activities of staff and students. This is a violation of this directive for any staff member, student or other person, to engage in any activity that does not correspond to the defined objective and general rules and guidelines of the network. As part of this general policy, the [name of the organization] recognizes its legal and ethical obligation to protect the well-being of students in its responsibility. To this end, the [name of the organization] retains the following rights and recognizes the following obligations: As requested by the Children`s Internet Protection Act (CIPA), the technology is used to filter and monitor content in order to limit access to all Internet access provided by DSD to unacceptable materials. However, no web filtering technology is 100% safe. Students who deliberately have access to inappropriate or illegal documents or websites, who publish them or attempt to publish them, are subject to discipline; the possibility of suspension or expulsion. DSD has the right to monitor, verify, copy, verify and store the use of DSD technology resources, including information transmitted and received, at any time and without notice. If it is an unsuitable, they may accidentally observe it. The scope of this directive applies to all staff members who have or store an account (or any form of access that supports or requires a password) on a system that is located in a [organization name], has access to the network [organization`s name] or stores all non-public information [organization name].

Authorized employees and third parties (customers, suppliers, etc.) can use telephone connections to access the corporate or agency network. Access to access should be strictly controlled using a unique password authentication. Access to access should be requested through the corporate account requirement process. It is the responsibility of voting staff to ensure that a connection to [the name of the organization] is not used by non-employees to access the resources of the corporate information system. Voting staff members should be constantly aware that the connection links between their location and [the organization`s name] are literal extensions of the [organization`s name] corporate network and provide a potential path to the most confidential information in the organization. The authorized employee and/or third party take all reasonable steps to protect [Name of Organization`] assets. Digital analogue and non-GSM mobile phones cannot be used to connect to [Name of Organization`s] corporate network, as their signals can be easily scanned and/or hijacked by unauthorized persons.

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