Vehicle Sale Or Return Agreement

Jeremy Lyon @ 19-12-2020

At Kent Motor Cars, we understand that selling your car can be a problem. To avoid the stress of selling your car, we offer our customers a sales or return service throughout Kent. After all, we like to sell cars – that`s what we do! If a sale were to take place, a merchant would also assume legal responsibility for the sale, so that in the event of a subsequent problem, it is incumbent on him to resolve it on behalf of the buyer. However, there are some reservations, particularly with respect to false or misleading information that may have been provided, and it is therefore important to understand them. With over a decade of experience in the field of luxury and high performance car sales, our ability to offer truly tailored financial solutions, to handle partial vehicles and to offer extended warranties, we can not only make your car more attractive to buyers, but also to help you sell it faster. We`re going to do all the paperwork, financial accounts and record transfers. They are in experienced hands and we will deal with all aspects of the sale from start to finish Our transparent approach does not mean hidden fees, you will know exactly what you will recover and we will keep you informed of all offers. The ultimate decision to sell is always your choice. A commission-based sale could work for you, or maybe you want us to buy your car directly, which we can also offer 80% of used vehicles are now purchased by finance. If you don`t offer financing, you exclude 4 out of 5 potential buyers! Access to our facilities, including cosmetic repairs, painting, wheel sheds and detail – we will make your car beautiful to go to the sale Good advice for any buyer, whether through a private sale or a car dealership, is to do some checks before handing over the money – for example, check the identification number of the vehicle available and correct , and the use of the DVLA website (or private company) , if any) to carry out the vehicle history.

If you participate as a private seller in the sale or refund, make sure you have an agreement signed with a car dealer, which defines its obligations and indicates who is responsible for things such as fees, advertising, registration of the sale and each return thereafter. At the end of this 30-day period, the law allows the buyer to request either a repair (the usual route) or a replacement vehicle for free.

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