“Drowning Towers”

Christopher East @ 15-10-2006

by George Turner
Classic science fiction novel of overpopulation and global warming from an excellent, overlooked author.

“Confederates in the Attic”

Jeremy Lyon @ 21-07-2006

by Tony Horwitz
A not entirely sympathetic look at American’s obsession with the Civil War and its politics. Buy it now.

“Life in a Medieval Castle”

Jeremy Lyon @ 21-07-2006

by Joseph and Frances Gies
A classic, quick read based on solid research that puts you in a castle in Medieval England. Buy it.

“Team of Rivals”

Jeremy Lyon @ 28-06-2006

by Doris Kearn Goodwin
A Pulitzer Prize winning author looks illuminates the genius of Abraham Lincoln in creating a cabinet of his rivals for the Republican nomination. A huge book, but an easy read and a real page turner. Buy it.

“Deep Survival”

Jeremy Lyon @ 28-06-2006

by Laurence Gonzales
A fascinating investigation into what distinguishes survivors from victims. Not a manual but a portrait. Buy it.

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