“Founding Brothers”

Jeremy Lyon @ 31-05-2006

by Joseph J. Ellis
I find history fascinating for many of the reasons I love science fiction: it takes me out of the limited horizons of this world. Ellis’ portrayal of men at the start of a country is a quick and dramatic read.


Jeremy Lyon @ 09-05-2006

by Jared Diamond
Beloved by environmentally aware bloggers everywhere, “Collapse” is all that: a thoughtful consideration of what leads societies to collapse and others to succeed.

“Nature Noir”

Jeremy Lyon @ 09-05-2006

by Jordan Fisher Smith
At times heavy-handed, it’s still a lyrical portrait of the relationship of man to nature in a park existing in the shadow of a theoretical dam.

“The Atrocity Archives”

Jeremy Lyon @ 09-05-2006

by Charles Stross
Really two novellas joined by a common character, a funny send up of beauracracy, with magic.


Christopher East @ 19-04-2006

by Robert Charles Wilson
Much deserving Hugo-nominated novel centered around an intriguing cosmic mystery and featuring big concepts, a realistically depicted near future, believable, sympathetic characters, and practically spotless prose. Highly recommended.

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